Robinson had no difficulties maintaining his physique while starting out in 1975 at 205 lbs and with an impeccably slim 29-inch waist. His 15 years of weight training prior to venturing into the body building industry set him up for instant success.

Robinson has garnered many prominent awards including but not limited to: IFBB, Mr. America, Mr. World, Mr. Universe, and Mr. International. He attained an even more inspiring win receiving first place at IFBB-Master Mr. Olympia over “The Hulk” Lou Ferrigno.

Robinson’s career allowed for many other opportunities to come his way including the personal training of body builder legend and former California State Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California keeping his incredible physique at 68 years old.

Robinson attributes his current physique to his optimistic perspective by waking up everyday discovering a way he can make himself happy and by continuing to enjoy the career he has brought his purpose into fruition—coaching others on how to incorporate healthy, positive, balanced and active lifestyles via in-person and through his website

Robinson has always admired Dwayne Johnson and is proud of the success he has garnered. He adamantly respects Johnson as a fitness and nutrition guru and loves the great attitude Johnson has maintained throughout his climb to fame.

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